Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thriving Thursday

It would seem that our plants are changing before our eyes, every time I look at them I see a noticeable change from the last time I looked at them. It seems appropriate to start a Thriving Thursday post to share the things have had me in awe this week.

Here is something we spotted this evening.

This is a Roma VF Tomato plant. We are growing it in the greenhouse along with Money Maker and Gardeners Delight varieties. I chose this picture because it was the first time that we had noticed the shape of the tomato forming. Our other two varieties are round in shape, and as we are novice gardeners in their first year of gardening you can imagine how excited we got when we noticed this one on our evening inspection of the greenhouse.

We are growing the tomatoes in three different places as a test to see where they grow best. We have six on the allotment, 6 in the greenhouse, and one on the patio. This is our first garden, we have lived in apartments previous to this house so we are absolute gardening novices. We are going through such a learning curve this year with regards to the garden, greenhouse and allotment. We have quite a few mistakes, but every mistake is one less to make next year.

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