Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ten things I love about You.

  1. I love your curious nature, inspecting everything that catches your eye.
  2. I love your blond curly hair, I never want to get it cut.
  3. I love that you have the same colour changing eyes as me.
  4. I love your silly sense of humour.
  5. I love your passion for anything with wheels and an engine and that you can tell what vehicle is going past outside just by the engine noise.
  6. I love how affectionate you have become.
  7. I love how you can dance better than me already, and you can't help but dance every time you hear music.
  8. I love how proud you make me whenever people say how lovely you are.
  9.  I love your placid but playful personality and your sweet sensitive nature.
  10. I love every second we have together, you are a joy to be around and my heart feels like it could burst, I couldn't possibly love you anymore, but each day I do.


  1. This is a beautiful post hun! You should tag other blogs to do similar posts, inspire other mothers to appreciate our little darlings/monsters a bit more ;)

  2. Ahhh what a lovely post! You've inspired me to write something similar for my little princess at some point x

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  4. done mine, and tagged some other blogger friends, hope thats ok! have linked it back to here :)

  5. Done mine too and tagged blogger friends too. Linked back to here as Danielle has. Thank you Danielle for tagging me as this is a beautiful post - as is yours! :) Hayley from Loved By Lexi. xx

  6. Just done mine as well after Danielle tagged me and linked a few other mummy bloggers too. Lovely idea xxx

  7. Shared mine after being tagged by blog by baby.

    Fantastic idea x

  8. HI, I've just started to follow your blog as its very similar to mine i am however, also going to do the '10 things i love about you' post, its lovely xx

  9. Lovely idea! I've done my ten things I love about you post now Viv :)