Saturday, 9 July 2011

Review - Real Easy Nappies by Hip Hip Baby!

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I have been sent a nappy from BabyKind to review with Zane. BabyKind are a family run business based in Wales, who supply a wide range of cloth nappies, cloth nappy trials and kits, and offer expert advice. They don't just supply nappies though, they also sell organic toiletries, bandana bibs, clothing and shoes, wool toys, Mooncup, and many more items.

BabyKind sent me a Real Easy Nappy by Hip Hip Baby!, Real Easy Nappies are an All in One/Pocket nappy hybrid. Usually All in Ones aren't the fastest to dry, this nappy though has a pocket and the three layer organic cotton pad inside flaps out to enable efficient washing and quick drying. Sewn into the fleece inner is a microterry soaker pad which is two layers thick, so you have five layers of absorbency! The waterproof outer is very stretchy for a better fit, and also has a comfort leg design which stops chaffing and red marks. You can get nappies with an made of soft polyester cloth, or soft  Minky which is lovely to stroke, both types of outer have anti wicking technology to stop wetness spreading around the edges.

Once the nappy had been washed up to full absorbency we gave it a go. This nappy was the first all in one that I had tried so I am not practiced in stuffing the insert in when it is already attached to the nappy. I found it a bit difficult to get it straight and flat at first as the insert is quite thick and wide, it scrunched up at the front of the nappy, but after taking a little time it was nice and flat, it was a bit like putting your duvet in the quilt cover, you get there quicker with practice. When putting the nappy on it stretched really well over Zane's bum and it was a lovely fit. I was a bit puzzled by the poppers at first as they are diagonal, another first for me, but once they were done up I was very pleased with the fit of the nappy. It fit really nice around his legs and tummy, I felt confident that the nappy would perform well because it was a snug fit and not tight at all. I was amazed at how slim it looked on him, I thought that as the insert was quite thick, and along with the sewn in pad made me think it would be quite bulky, but it wasn't at all.

In terms of absorbency I was amazed again. I never hold much hope for brand new nappies on their first go as they haven't been washed a lot to reach their full potential, but this nappy surpassed all of my expectations. I changed Zane after 4 hours and his bottom was dry, there were no leaks, and no red marks. I can see that these nappies would have great potential to be an option as a night nappy. As you stuff the flip out insert into a pocket there is space for additional boosters, and because the nappy is very slim already it wouldn't add too much bulk.

You can buy Real Easy Nappies from at the very reasonable price of between £10.99 - £12.99 depending on the size of nappy that your baby requires. Their website features a lot of products other than nappies so it is well worth checking it out, you are bound to find something that you like.


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  1. Simply put, honest rock. No leaks, the mess is an easy clean up if you use the disposable liners. When there is poop, just flush the liner and it leaves a relatively clean diaper. There might be a little poop on the corner where the liner isn't covering, but that is only with a softer stool.
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