About Me

This is me, I am Aimee, Mummy to Zane and partner to Gary.

I work full time as a Facilities Support Officer, I enjoy my job as every day is different. I love being a Mother more than anything in the world, my son is awesome and makes me feel blessed every day. When I am home I enjoy making up for lost time with Zane, being amazed at how our garden changes everyday, and observing our crazy chickens. I have had a million and one fads over the past few years, but one has stuck, cloth nappies, they are so much prettier than disposable nappies, and I am addicted to them!

Here is Gary.

We have been together for ten years and I love him more everyday. He is Mr Maker, always thinking about his next invention or hoarding what I would consider rubbish to one day become the most useful thing for a job. He always has lots of projects on at once which means that they take a long time to complete, but over that time he has chance to perfect his idea so everything he does it perfect and faultless. He currently has his car in pieces with the masterplan being to be a track car, a greenhouse full of vegetables getting ready to plant on our allotment and an idea of rebuilding the greenhouse on the go. He is a wonderful Father, like I knew he would be. He is a stay at home Dad to Zane, during the day he takes him to lots of groups, plays with him, and does crafts.

This is Zane.

Zane is 1 year old. He is our much longed for baby which makes us appreciate him so much. He is such a clever little boy, he knows lots of words already, his first word was "car" much to Daddies pleasure. He loves anything with an engine, his current fascinations are cars, trains, diggers and tractors. Every week Gary takes him to the local market to buy a new toy car, we don't have a clue how many he has as he hides them in places only he knows! Zane enjoys being in the garden, following the chickens around and dancing to any music that he hears, he has better rhythm than me.

Here are the chickens.

This is Sandy.

Sandy is the most docile out of all of the chickens and she is my favorite. She is called Sandy because she is the lightest out of all the chickens. Whenever you are in the garden you can be sure that Sandy is at your feet.  

This is Scragbag.

She is called Scragbag because of her disheveled appearance. She is the smallest of all of the chickens but that doesn't mean that she cant hold her own. Because of her runt like character I cant help but have a soft spot for her, and she is Gary's favorite chicken because of this.

Henny Penny

Henny Penny thinks that she is the boss out of the four. She is the biggest of the birds and she always tries to put the other birds in their place, although they give it back to her. She is very aloof and doesn't like to be stoked or picked up.

And finally her is Pinky.

Pinky is a very nosey bird who is always at the back door waiting to jump in the kitchen to get the crumbs of the floor. She is always behind you with Sandy when you are in the garden, but she doesn't like to be stroked or held. She is called Pinky because of her pink wattles. She gets picked on by Henny Penny so I feel quite protective towards her.

So there you go, I have introduced you to my world. I hope you enjoy reading our our tales and experiences.