Thursday, 2 June 2011

Perfect day for a nappy wash!

What a beautiful day! A perfect day for giving my nappies a good wash and hanging them out in the sun. I have tried a few different methods of cleaning my nappies over the last year and I think I have found the best combination so far. I now do a prewash with the temperature off so that the solids don't bake on, then with a full dose of Fairy gel and a scoop of Napisan I put them on a 60 degree wash for 2 hours and 20 minutes. After the main wash has finished I rinse and spin until no more bubbles come out into the water, usually it takes two rinses. When they come out they smell lovely and fresh, no ammonia smells or stains, and they are so soft, who would want to wear paper pants when you can have such soft and squishy cotton against your bum!

I will continue to experiment though, I love using different oils so that they are fragranced with tea trea, or lavender, but Fairy smells so fresh I have stuck with that until I find something special to try out.


  1. That's just such a cool photo! :)

  2. Fab photos! I find it strangely satisfying washing LO's nappies - like you say they come out lovely and fresh! My wash routine is a cold rinse cycle first, followed by 1/2 dose Bold 2 in 1 with full dose of calgon at 40 or 60, followed by a final rinse cycle. Took me a while of experimenting to find this worked best for us :)

  3. Who would've thought a load of nappies could look so colourful and gorgeous! Great pics :-) xx