Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Review - Bum Deal Giraffe Print Nappy

This is a very special review as it is my first, and what else could I do as a first review except for a cloth nappy! I have been sent a gorgeous nappy from Ella at Bum Deal Nappies. Bum Deal Nappies specialise in  funky, easy to use cloth nappies that are affordable prices, making cloth nappies seem so easy.

I received a Bum Deal Giraffe print nappy, with a soft minky outer, and Velcro for fastening. It is suitable from birth to potty, and it has poppers up the front so that you can adjust the size. They also sent me a Bamboo/cotton booster which can be used for heavy wetters, or to convert the nappy into a night nappy, a reusable wipe which was double sided with fleece and terry towelling, and some Little Lambs flushable viscose, and paper liners.

When I received the nappy through the post it was gift wrapped beautifully, like I was getting a  present, which lets face it, buying nappies is like buying yourself a little present, everyone knows you don't just buy them for your babies bum except of course to make them even cuter! I put the nappy, booster and wipe in with the rest of my nappy wash and did extra prewashes to make it all more absorbent, and then pegged them out on the line to dry. I was amazed at how quickly it all dried, even the bamboo/cotton booster, usually mine are the last thing to be dry.

When we came to use the nappy I was very pleased with the fit. The Velcro meant that it was snug around Zane's waist, and there was no gaping around the legs.  I had used two microfibre inserts and it was still very slim, I had no trouble at all fitting his trousers over the top of the nappy. I changed the nappy after three hours and there were no leaks, no red marks around the legs, and the most important thing is no wet bum!

I changed Zane into one of our own nappies but used a microfibre and the bamboo/cotton booster. I also used a Little Lambs flushable viscose liner. It was nap time so these were really going to be put to the test, I had my full faith in the booster as I rate bamboo very highly, but I was worried about the viscose liner not keeping the moisture away, making him uncomfortable and waking him. I must add that I was suprised at how soft the liner was, not at all coarse or unflexible. He had a lovely long nap and the nappy was still reletively dry, I changed it after four hours and again there were no leaks, I think he could definately have worn the nappy for longer, the liner had kept his bum reasonable dry, he was only very slightly moist which I think is still good performance because of the length of time that it was worn. I later used the paper liner and was equally impressed.

This was the first time that I had used a double sided wipe, usually I use just fleece. I used a solution of water and a drop of bubble bath to soak the wipe before use. I was extreamly happy with how the wipe performed, it was thick, which for me feels like it is more effective, and with it being double sided the terry was very good at getting solids off without having to keep going over an area, and then the fleece side was lovely for drying his bum.

Overall I am very impressed with Bum Deal Nappies. The nappy was gorgeous and a superb fit, which is excellent as the nappies retail at a very affordable £6.45. I feel that you could have a whole stash of these and you wouldn't be disappointed, or take too much of a hit to your bank balance either. The bamboo/cotton booster was my favorite item, I was so impressed with the time that it took to dry, and its performance whilst in use was excellent, I would definately buy more of these, and again the price is excellent at £1.50 per booster. I loved the double sided wipe, using it felt like I was really caring for his bottom as he was lovely and dry when I had finished, and there were no chemicals. Also I wasn't adding anything at all from the nappy change to the landfill which is important to me. I think that the flushable liners both performed well, and I was impressed with their softness, personally I prefer fleece liners for day to day use, but the flushable liners would be perfect for if you were out for the day and didnt want to carry soiled fleece.

Check out these products and more on I sure you will find something that you love!


  1. Great review! Zane looks so cute in the giraffe print! I haven't tried these nappies before, but like the sound of the bamboo/cotton booster as an alternative to microfibre ones - off to go check BumDeal's website out now :)

  2. They look very cool! x