Monday, 16 May 2011

Real Nappy Week 2011!

As Real Nappy Week starts today its only right that my first post is dedicated to it.

We have been using reusables since Zane was five months old, I had always wanted to try them and felt the time was right to have a go. I did a bit of research on various sites and forums and decided to go with pocket nappies as they seemed the easiest to start with. At first I ordered 7 Happy Flutes from ebay for a bargain price of £26.00, my next purchase was a single Blueberry for £24.00! Gary wasn't happy at the cost when I had got the others for a great price, but it was green camo and he loved it. From then I was addicted. I now have a decent sized stash and starting to explore the different types of nappies.

Over the last year I have spent £100.00 on cloth nappies, and I also got a £100.00 cheque back from my local councils Real Nappy Incentive, so our nappies have in fact cost us nothing. That wouldn't have been possible with disposables, and I can use all of our cloth for the next baby saving us even more money.

Here is my little cloth bum.

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