Sunday, 29 May 2011

Not so silent Sunday

I have seen an article in the newspaper today and felt that I had to use it on my blog, and share my view on it as I have read lots of negative comments about the story.

Here is the article

I have read many negative reactions on the comments on the article, forums and in general conversation, most boil down to the parents are wrong because the children will get bullied, they are trying to be too radical and are attention seeking, and that its encouraging them to be gay. Its not raising them to be gay, its raising them to be whoever they want to be without feeling like they should be within social guidelines, and feeling bad about themselves because in the eyes of society they are "wrong". It goes beyond sexual orientation. They are right in saying society needs to change, not them.

I feel quite strongly about this, I was always a tomboy, I wanted to wear boys clothes, play football and couldn't care less for being friends with girls, being a girl didn't interest me. I wasn't gay, I didn't find girls attractive ever, I just liked boy stuff. Because it seemed to bother everyone else more than it bothered me it made me very self conscious and got bullied because I was a "man". Hell, I wasn't a man, I was just very good at football, didn't like wearing a dress, and liked playing army rather than Polly Pocket. The parents are doing the opposite of trying to influence them, they are giving them the freedom to be whoever they want to be, personally I wouldn't go as far as going genderless with my children as I don't think we are ready for that as a society, and I don't have a strong enough will to be able to face the negative comments, although I think in the future we will, just look how homosexuality is accepted now, but my children can be whoever they want to be, as the constraints put on me still affect me today and I wont allow them to feel how I do.


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