Saturday, 13 August 2011

GIVEAWAY! Little Dish Favourites Cookbook

I am pleased to announce my very first giveaway, one lucky person could win the Little Dish Favourites Cookbook, which has over 60 simple recipes suitable from weaning onwards.

The cookbook is fantastic, and something I wish I had a year ago when we were introducing Zane to solid food. The book has lots of tips and information, and the recipes are easy to follow, simple and suit a wide variety of tastes. Some of the recipes include home made fish fingers, chicken enchiladas, meatloaf, and burger with hidden vegetables for fussy eaters, I can guarantee that you will find something to inspire you.

All you need to do to win this fabulous cookbook is Like me on Facebook, Follow Me on Twitter and leave a comment on my blog to say that you have entered.

The giveaway will be open until 12 noon on Saturday 20th August, and the winner will be announced shortly afterwards.


  1. Have just been blogging myself about my own rules for lunchboxes - keep it simple mostly! Hope the book helps lots of mums through the minefield of guilt, slaving over a hot stove and crumbs on the floor that is feeding children...

  2. following you on twitter, like you on FB and now I am commenting :) fab prize!

  3. Liked on facebook (lorraine cooper)
    Followed on twitter (@meedja)
    And commenting away. I can't resist a cookbook, and I've got a very fussy 19 month old!